We offer a comprehensive program for kids, adults and New Muslims, learning quran at home 24/7 at any time. We offer you a trial classes for 3 days so that you can take better decision to join us.

The Quran-ul-Hakeem site has been designed for not only kids but for people of any age group; this will serve as a home tutor for those who cannot visit Islamic centre daily. They can learn Quran regularly from Quran-ul-Hakeem and can opt for guidance if they need. Moreover this site can be a great help for correction of tajweed and learning the meaning of ayats (Verses). Learning Quran online requires no travelling and it facilitates the user with new and advanced method of quick learning, so in this way they can save their time, can schedule classes at their desired time.

The Quran-ul-Hakeem aims to provide quality education on reasonable fee packages. You can try our 3 days free package for trial purpose. This Trial package will help you to check how effective is our method of teaching Quran? We guarantee you that with help of our learned teachers you will be able to read Quran in true Arabic accent.


Quran Memorization

If you are interested we also offer the special package for memorization of the holy Quran, our expert Hafiz-ul-Quran Tutors will be available to guide you and make you an expert Hafiz.


Tajweed means reciting the Quran ul Hakeem with correct pronunciation, it means taking care of pauses (waqaf), prolongation (Madd) and conversion (iqlab) etc. It requires the guidance of a learned teacher to learn tajweed and its proper implications. The Grammar and rules will also be part of the course more over you can learn them independently. However their proper implication will require listening and reciting that too under the super vision of our qualified staff.  

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